Natural Skin Care and 100% Pure

When I started eliminating toxic products from my beauty routine, I tried out many different brands to find what worked best.  (Honest Co, Lusa Organics, Dr Bronners Soaps, and 100% Pure, to name just a few)  I fell in love with 100% Pure after trying their cheek tint.  It inspired me to try a few more of their products and I was hooked.    100% Pure is leaping bunny certified.  I feel really good about using the products on myself and my kids.  No animals are harmed in their making or testing, they are 100% natural, and they WORK.

Considering making the switch to a natural beauty routine?  Through Tuesday, October 28th, If you spend $35 at 100% Pure, you will get a free 7-piece gift set!  The gift set includes some products I already own (LOVE the Coffee Bean Eye Cream!!) and some I am really excited to try.

Need some suggestions on things to try?

To get the gift set, just load up your cart with 100% pure goodies.  No code necessary!

If you haven’t checked out the EWG Skindeep Database to see what is in the products you use everyday, you should! Your biggest organ, your skin, will thank you for it!

***This post was not sponsored by 100% Pure.  I use their products because I love them and what their company stands for.  Also, if you think my blog is big enough to have sponsors, I am flattered.  I’m pretty sure only my Mom, and my Aunt Nan read this 🙂

Straight from their website:

“100% Pure is truly 100% Pure – that means all our products are healthy, nourishing and do not contain any synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives or any other toxins. Another exciting thing about 100% Pure is that our cosmetics are colored from antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables (whereas every other cosmeticss company uses dyes or minerals to color their products). We love animals and refuse to support anything that hurts animals which is why none of our formulas are ever tested on animals. All our makeup brushes are from synthetic fibers. No animals were hurt for their fur and no animals were hurt for any of our ingredients”


{Super Easy} Honey Orange Body Scrub

Winter is super rough on my skin.  I am constantly lotioning, oiling, oiling, lotioning (name that movie line!), but my skin still gets scaly from time to time.  I started making a body scrub last winter that I thought would exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.  (because I can’t do just one thing at a time anymore apparently).

I found a bunch of recipes online, but most of them called for essential oils.  I didn’t have any essential oils or time to get to the store, so I thought why not orange zest instead?  And it worked.  And then I played around with the recipe until I got it right.  Then I decided to  google orange zest body scrubs and found out I wasn’t the first person to think of them.  (Why I googled this after I tried to make it, I have no idea).

Anyways, this scrub is completely organic and moisturizes and exfoliates without any weird ingredients or chemicals that some store bought brands include.  The best thing about it… it takes literally 5 minutes to make.

{Super Easy Honey Orange Body Scrub}



1 C Organic Sugar

Zest of 2 Organic Oranges

1 C Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

1/2 C Organic Honey

1 tsp Organic Vanilla (optional)

Glass jars with lids.  I used mason jars.

*Make sure the mouth of the jars are wide enough to fit your hand in to scoop out the scrub


Melt your coconut oil.  Combine all of your ingredients in a bowl until well mixed.  Fill your jars.


This will keep for up to 6 months if you store it in a dry place(as in do not keep this in the shower).  Keep it stored in your bathroom cabinet to maximize the shelf life

Gift away!