{Review} StichFix

I have a serious problem with my wardrobe these days.  I have some cute things that I love, but nothing I can wear to work.  My style is pretty comfy and casual:  jeans, tshirts, scarves, and flip flops.  I don’t really know what to wear to work, and still look like “me”, if that makes sense. 


Enter StitchFix.  I heard about it a few months ago, but kept forgetting to check out the specifics.  I have a global sales conference in August, and thought StitchFix might be able to help me with my work clothing dilemma before August.

I decided to sign up one night after the kids went to bed and I got completely engulfed.  As part of your “style profile” you can make a Pinterest board so your stylist can get to know you.  I think I stayed up until 2am doing my board.  It was so fun!  I love shopping in my bed.

So, here’s the deal with StitchFix:  Create Your Style Profile.  Get Five Hand-picked Items.  Keep What You Like.  Send Back the Rest.

I really like that you get to try your items on at home, with your own clothes!   No shopping with toddlers and babies!  Being able to try on items with things I already own was great!  That is my favorite part about StitchFix.  Each item comes with styling tips on how to dress it up or down.  It also comes with a personalized note from the stylist, explaining why she picked each item.

The returns are FREE.  Just check out online, and then drop off returns in the prepaid envelope within 3 days of receiving your box.  Did it.  Easy peasy. 

The styling fee is $20, but you can use towards your final order.  If you keep all five items, they’ll give you 25% off your entire order.  They say, on average, items are $65 and of really good quality.  I typically don’t pay $65 for just one item unless it is a staple and I am OBSESSED with it.  As for the quality…I would say 1/3 of my order was quality, the rest seemed like something I could purchase at H&M for $12.  I will be more specific on fabrics next time.

stitch july 3Overall I was a little bit disappointed with my box.  There were two items that I loved.  The stylist really nailed it with the “Alexia Chambray Belted Shirt Dress” and “Daphney Layered Ruffle Hem Knit Tank”.  Unfortunately the dress was way too big and looked a little “sister wives” if you catch my drift.  The tank top was really cute, and I wanted to keep it, but I already own something almost identical to it.  In the end, I decided to send it back. 

Stitch JulyStitch July 2


*crappy i-phone photos!  OOPS!  I didn’t even take a selfie in the jean dress it was so bad!

The other items in my box were the Tiara Ikat Print Silk Top, Carson Silk Front-Twist Sleeveless Blouse, and the Torin French Terry Stripe Blazer.  The blazer was cute and comfortable, almost a win, but the fit was off since I typically wear a petite.

So what’s the verdict?  I did get a couple of referral credits after I posted on facebook, so I am trying again in September!  I hope I get a box filled with sweater dresses, tights, and other cute fall apparel! 

Have you done StitchFix?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

What do you wear to work?  It really pains me to have to wear something other than jeans.  I should wear something non jean about 75% of the week.  Any ideas on comfortable, easy, and fun work attire please send me to your pinboard or comment below!


Quick Photo Gift {for someone who loves your kids}

I have two friends who did the cutest photos of their kids for Father’s Day. Check out what my friend Rachel did here with her husband’s shoes and her son Porter. Adorable! My other friend did the cutest project with her two daughters. She had her girls hold one letter at a time until they spelled ” D A D ” in three, separate, pictures.  Then she framed them side by side. How she managed to execute this project by herself, with a 2 year old and a 10 month old, is beyond me!  Their projects were so cute (and we had both Grandpa’s coming into town for Jack’s birthday party on Father’s Day) I had to try it!

I figured that getting Jack and Molly to smile (or even sit still) long enough to get a picture of them with each letter might be impossible. I was right. Handy, dandy chalkboard to the rescue! One picture, and boom! Done. (by one picture, I mean I got three good pictures out of the hundred or so I took.  Most of the pictures of Jack smiling involved me yelling POOP really loudly so he would laugh)

I love using the chalkboard, because you can customize it for anyone who loves your kids. All you need is chalk, a chalkboard, a frame to put your picture in, and a camera! 

The Father’s Day pictures turned out so cute, I decided to make one for my Papa, Dave’s Grandma, and our sitter, Allie!  (My favorite is Allie’s!)

DSC_0490 DSC_0503 DSC_0512 DSC_0534

Displaying DSC_0540.JPG

Displaying DSC_0587.JPG

{Favorite Things Friday} The Honest Company Zip Pouch

Zip Pouch Words

I am one of those people that just throws crap into the bag.  I am constantly searching for sunscreen, keys, chapstick… you get the idea.  I have used zip pouches in the past, but they never really did the trick.  The Honest zip pouch is seriously THE BOMB (to use language from my 90’s upbringing, maybe I should have used “fetch” instead?). 

The sides of the pouch are covered in compartments, that make perfect places to hold all of those tiny, little, things that I typically drown at the bottom of my purse.  #WINNING! I can actually find things now WHAT?!  It allows me to make quick bag changes as I’m typically without kids during the daytime hours during the week and with them after work and all weekend.  I love it so much, I now own two of them.  One for me, for my work bag, and the other for the kiddos stuff.  It’s great… I can toss them between bags for the park, pool, the beach, or just throw it in the bottom of the stroller.  So you see, I still get to throw my crap into bags, I just can find things now when I do it!  I am excited to use this pouch in my carry-on for travel as well!  PS You can throw the whole thing in the washer!


  pouch in bag

A little more on my Honest membership:

Most of you know, I have been an Honest member for over a year.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about subscription services after a terrible experience with both Care.com and Sittercity.  (don’t even ask unless you want a 20 minute rant)  I thought long and hard before joining The Honest Company, but I’m glad to report, their subscription is not a big deal.  You really can cancel at anytime.  You do have to pick up the phone and physically speak to someone, but they do allow you to cancel and don’t make you wait “three billing cycles”.  

As time has moved forward, I have fallen in love with the safe, fun, and healthy products that are delivered right to my door.  Their products have really expanded in the past 6 months.  Most I love, some I don’t, but it’s really fun to try new things.  The zip pouch is one of the fun “add ons” (items that you cannot get as part of your 5 item essentials bundle) that I ordered in my last bundle.  I previously had tried, and was wowed by, the soy candles (Orange Vanilla is my favorite) and the baby teether, but the zip pouch stole my heart.

I love my Honest membership and have tried most of the products.  If you have any questions, or really love a particular item, please comment below!  I’m always excited to try new products and give my feedback!

*I haven’t done a {Favorite Things Friday} in a while… or posted in a while for that matter.  My goal is to post once a week.  I love writing my terribly neglected, random, un-punctuated (and probably mispelled) blog, I just need to make some time for it.  To my two loyal readers (mom and aunt nan) I’m back 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to my A+ Daddy

I can always count on my dad.  Always.  With Father’s Day fast approaching, I thought I needed to give my daddy a little love.

I guess I should start out with the fact that everyone loves my Dad.  He’s just the type of person that you notice when he walks into a room.  He has that thing, whatever it is…but my favorite thing about him is that he cares about people.  I mean he REALLY cares.  He would do anything for most people.  He always leaves a conversation with “if there is anything I can ever do for you, you let me know”.  And he actually means it.  He is a teacher and coach.  It’s what he does, but it’s also what he stands for.  Being the daughter of two teachers was sometimes embarrassing, frustrating, and awesome all at the same time.  I know that my parents have made a difference in thousands of lives.  I respect and admire them for it.  My Dad has shaped the type of person I am and the kind of Mom I am.  Along with his tenacity, passion for life, and his  “shit eating grin” as my mom calls it, he always has my back.  Sidenote, genetics at work here, Jack has the shit eating grin too.

I have the best memories of him driving us to school when I was in middle school.  We listened to oldies while I sat in the front seat with my feet on the heaters.  I think I love oldies mostly because of those memories.  It could also be because of his rendition of “White Christmas” or the “dance unit” in 7th grade that he so wonderfully embarrassed me during 🙂   Jack and I listen to the 60’s and 70’s station on Pandora when I get home from work and dance together.  Jack is now embarrassed by my signing at the age of almost 3.  (“you’re out of batteries mommy!”)

He was at every game, every tournament, every recital cheering us on and making us be our best always.   He mowed us a baseball diamond in our backyard and I know he hates mowing the lawn!  When he tried to teach me to mow the lawn I got it all wrong with him running and yelling behind me telling me straighten it out.  I was doing it on purpose because I didn’t want to mow the lawn.  He knew that and still loves me.  He taught me how to have a competitive spirit and to be anything we wanted to be.  He’s funny.  My response when someone asks me how I am now is “Hey, If I were any better I’d be you”  Classic Crock!  He leaves me voicemails all the time just tell me he misses me and loves me.

And for the girls, who probably don’t read my blog, but if they did would kill me for not mentioning “the speech”.   Every time I left the house in high school my dad told me and any of my girlfriends that were over “boys want one thing and one thing only”.  And yeah he was right.  We still crack up about that to this day.
So thanks Dad for putting me on the right path, setting a great example, and being you.  Happy Father’s Day and Gagi’s Day!  We love you!

Mom Guilt: Top Ten

After feeling guilty yesterday for taking time to myself to pee (yes pee!), I decided to make a list of the completely ridiculous things that I feel guilty about on a regular basis.  It was so long I had to cut it down to a top ten.  Have a laugh with me and remember to be kind to yourselves Mamas!

Here we go on the Top 10 Things I Feel Guilty About as a Mother.

#10 Drinking an entire cup of coffee in one sitting without having to reheat it ten times

#9 Brushing my teeth before noon

#8 Closing the door while I pee

#7 Watching a show that doesn’t include Mickey, Doc McStuffins, or Sophia in the title

#6 Taking a shower

#5 Going to Trader Joes without my helper because he just loves that little red cart so much

#4 Taking the time to make and eat breakfast that isn’t my kid’s leftover eggo

#3 Running without my boyfriend “BOB” and a stop at the park.

#2 Peeing first thing in the morning when the baby is awake and crying

And the #1 thing that I feel guilty about as a mom is …..

Eating my child’s delicious snacks and then telling him that he ate them “all gone” the day before.  Wait… I totally don’t feel guilty about that.  That is where I draw the line.

Happy Friday everyone!

A Healthy(er) Take on Mac n Cheese

Sweet potatoes are the main ingredient in this creamy version of every kids’ favorite meal, macaroni and cheese.  I would  like to state that I see nothing wrong with the real deal.  It’s creamy, delicious, and comfort food in every sense of the word…but this meal is filled with veggies and is dairy free so it’s a double win right now!  Jack has been chowing down on this since he was a year old and he loves it!

mac n cheese

Bake 4 medium sized sweet potatoes.  Remove skins and place in blender while potatoes are still hot.  Blend the potato and add plain almond milk (you can use regular too ) until you get the consistency you are looking for. Probably about a cup.  It should look like a thick alfredo.
Then, add 1tsp worchestire, 1T rosemary or Herbs de Provence (i use whatever I have on hand), 1tsp sea salt, 1T dijon mustard.  Blend again and pour over cooked noodles.  You can use any kind of noodles.  I usually use brown rice macaroni, veggie spirals, or some other fun shaped pasta.

{Favorite Things Friday} Birthday Week

I got a text from my Mom this morning that read:

Happy Day 1 of your Birthday Week!  #30!!!!!!  What would you like for your bd?  TGIF, LOVE MOM

What I can’t figure out is if she is hashtagging or just saying “number 30” ?!  If she’s hashtagging we’re all in trouble… 😉

Thanks for keeping my birthday week going Mom.  I love you!