An Ode to Mason Jars

There is something so simple and beautiful about a glass jar.  Maybe it’s nostalgia for me.  They take me back in time.  I get overwhelmed with the smell of strawberry jam and the memory of my Mom teaching me to make it in the house I grew up in.  I imagine myself on a warm summer afternoon, still clad in my swimsuit and covered in freckles.  My Mom, gently leaning over my shoulder, showing me how to mash the berries.  Then, she moves the mixture to the silver pot with the black handle, and stirs furiously.  Ahhh.  Summer.

I have mason jars scattered all over my house.  Most are in use right now, but I do have a small stash in my cupboard.  I keep a little one on my desk to put loose change in.  I store my favorite earrings in another one.  I use a large mason jar as a vase on our kitchen table.  I started making mason jar salads so my lunch is easy breezy.

I have seen so many cute mason jar ideas on pinterest lately.  I can’t wait to try some new recipes and crafts with my spares.  Although, I think I’ll always be partial to the simple beauty of a plain old mason jar.

1.  Make and Take Meals

Burrito in a Jar, All kinds of Salads, Paleo friendly jar meals, Cold oats

A few weeks ago, when I posted about my weekly food prep routine, I briefly mentioned that I like to make salads-in-a-jar each week. Apparently, you all are super interested in my jarred salads because I got so many comments and emails requesting more info! Now, let me note, I am in no-shape-way-or-from the originator …

2.  Dessert in a jar:

Key Lime Pie in a Jar… YUM, Cookie Mixes

Key Lime Pie in a Jar. The sweetened condensed milk makes this very creamy and sweet!

3.  Mason Jar Vase

I adore the combo of blue and yellow in this daisy vase.

painted and distressed mason jars in teal with hand painted daisies

How cute would this be for the 4th of July?  I already use my jars as vases, but painting them seems like a fun way to spruce them up for a holiday.  Let’s be honest here, this isn’t happening for me.  I lack a certain artistic skill that would make these turn out well.  (I’m also way too lazy for that) If you want to attempt it, you can find the tutorial here.

How cute would these be at your 4th of July parties next weekend?

4.  DIY Bird or Butterfly Feeder- This would be super fun to help kids make!

Mason Jar Bird Feeder - Little House Living

5.  Because we love Minnie and Mickey around here…


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