Summ Summ Summertime

Summer is in full swing around here.  We’re driving with the windows down and the radio up.  We’re barefoot in the backyard, sweaty, and in our swimsuits.  Sun, hit me with your rays.

Some fun things I’ve come across this week (and a lot of things I’ve eaten).

*** Warning OITNB spoiler at the end!

Interesting article on letting kids figure it out on the playground.

Making Ice Cream is easy!

The perfect toddler sized popsicles.

I took a jam class this week, and I hope we can make this honey sweetened, yummy jam with the strawberries from our garden!

A new way of folding.

Freezing herbs using a trick I saw on pinterest.

How to freeze herbs in olive oil  Doing this today, I hope, with cilantro and dill. Not mixed. ;)

Mr Peabody and Sherman continues to be the rainy day favorite. (and it’s on netflix!)

Target, you’ve done it again.  Bought to go with the birthday cake and devoured by our guests.  We’re on our second container.

Market Pantry Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Ice Cream 1.5 qt

I seriously never felt better than when I cut out dairy while nursing both my kids… Ice cream is clearly getting in my way of  me feeling great this summer.

We had a nursery school potluck picnic and I brought Warm Black Bean and Quinoa Salad.  Really yummy!

And lastly…

OITNB, WTF is wrong with you?!?!  If Bennett doesn’t come back and live happily ever after with Daya and their baby, I’m done.

Have a great weekend!


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