Baby, Toddler, Big Boy

I imagine this is what my sweet little boy will look like the first time I catch a glimpse of him shaving. To me at least.  Right now, he’s still little.  He’s still my baby, but he’s growing in height and in personality.He has a million dollar smile that is 50% charm and 50% shit eating grin.  He’s funny.  He’s a negotiator.  I love how animated he is when telling a story.  Watching him and his sister grow is pure joy and awe..  My heart aches for the baby, spills over with love for my little boy, beams with pride, and dreams for the person he will become.  Every night I ask him what his favorite part of the day was.  Almost every night he tells me that it was “playing with you Mama”.  And then, I tear up because I know his answer will change very soon.  I know I’ll be excited to hear about all of his adventures, but I will miss those Mama answers.  Mostly because the best part of my day is being his Mama.  For me, that will never change.  Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy.  I love you to the Moon.  I love a hundred billion jillion gazillion infinite. (and he loves me 30 60 90 40, or so he tells me)

This made me ugly cry.

This did too, but I needed to read it after I read the first one.


One thought on “Baby, Toddler, Big Boy

  1. OMG
    I cried reading ALL of these!
    Parenting, It’s a beautiful journey. Enjoy the ride and don’t dwell on what you leave behind as each new stage begins.
    The ultimate reward is getting to be a grandmother (nana) and having the joy of watching your dayghter grow into an AWESOME mama!

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