23 Lessons I learned in my 20’s

I recently turned 31.  A week after I turned 31, it was time to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Turning 31 and celebrating Mother’s Day made me think about where I am now compared to my twenties.  So many lessons… Well, 23 to be exact.  (I’m sure there are more.  I wanted to hit 30, but was drawing a blank lol)  Some from my experiences, some from my Mom that have just now sunk in, and some from becoming a mom myself.  (And a lot of Mindy, Tina, and Amy quotes to back up my lessons… because everyone needs a few funny ladies in their life!)

1.  Own your happiness.

2. Learn to be ok with people not being ok with you/your choices.

3. Take and give compliments easily and freely.  “I can live for two months on a good compliment” — Mark Twain

4. Worry about yourself, not others.

5. Let it go.

Let It Go by AdrianImpalaMata

6. Just do it.  Stop procrastinating and thinking and stalling and just DO IT.  Getting yourself to do it is the hard part, not the actual doing it.  The secret of success is having the courage to begin.

The First Step Is The Hardest Step

7. Get outside for at least 15 minutes every. single. day.  Nature can calm your mind, fade your worries, and help you live in the moment.

8. Sometimes you just need your Mom.

9. If you’re for equality, you’re a feminist.

10. Be passionate and relentlessly enthusiastic no matter what others say.

Why Bossy Little Girls Make Great Leaders || www.thetinytwig.com

11. Find your confidence.  Fake it until you make it.  “Confidence is 10% Hard Work and 90% Delusion” -Tina Fey

12. Be yourself.  You will evolve and change over time.  You will learn to love who you are.

13. Connect with your body.  Yoga has completely transformed the way I am able to listen to my body and act on what it’s telling me.  Om.

Listen to your body, it's smarter than you - LoveSurf

14.  Support other women.

BEST: Tina Fey in Mean Girls

Seriously stop it already!

15. Taking good care of yourself, let’s you take good care of others.  Self care is a must!

16. You get more bees with sugar than salt.  –Mom  Check yourself.  Be nice.

17.  Stop apologizing. This took me years to put into practice.  There is no need to apologize for asking for something you deserve or want.  Own it.

18.  I wish someone would have told me this earlier…

19. Go with your gut.  Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing, but you will never regret it.

20. Things will happen and you’ll find out who your true friends are.

21. Some people are just assholes. Steer clear and move forward. Being vindictive gets you nothing but heartache.

22. Manage your stress and your worries.  “Picture that the Grand Canyon is your life–your past, present and future. Start envisioning the various parts of your life within the canyon: Over there is the day you were born, your elementary school, your first middle school basketball game. Picture your present: There’s your house, your friends, your mom, the book you’re reading right now. Picture your future: There’s your next vacation, the love of your life, your future children. Now, picture the enormous Grand Canyon and drop your worry into it. Whatever you’re worrying about–your cranky boss, your dating life, a salty comment from a friend–will be barely visible. “See how tiny it looks?” Suddenly your problem will seem much, much smaller in comparison to the grand course of your huge, rich, long life.” Cup of Jo .

23.  Be Grateful.

Do you have a favorite quote or lesson?  Share it below!  Live long and prosper, people!

Live free and prosper


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