Math is Cool.

Math is cool.  I should have liked Math.  But I didn’t.  I’m not sure why.  My Mom is an amazing Math teacher.  She tried her best to “coolify” math.  The mini van blared “multiplication rap” for years.  It didn’t stick.  Reading was my jam.  But, I hope, I can make the math stick for my little dude and dudette.

Pizza Math.  Fun.  We love pizza.  And, you need math for almost everything.  Even deciding what kind of pizza to order. Apparently you should always order the bigger pizza.  Why?

The math teachers response to Pizza Math:

“Yup area is pi times radius squared…pizza is measured by diameter! So 8″ area is 16pi and 12″ is 36 pi and 16″ is 64pi….math rules”

-My Math Teacher Mama (sent from her I-Pad)

The bigger pizza is always just a little bit more expensive, but almost twice as big!


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