Quick Photo Gift {for someone who loves your kids}

I have two friends who did the cutest photos of their kids for Father’s Day. Check out what my friend Rachel did here with her husband’s shoes and her son Porter. Adorable! My other friend did the cutest project with her two daughters. She had her girls hold one letter at a time until they spelled ” D A D ” in three, separate, pictures.  Then she framed them side by side. How she managed to execute this project by herself, with a 2 year old and a 10 month old, is beyond me!  Their projects were so cute (and we had both Grandpa’s coming into town for Jack’s birthday party on Father’s Day) I had to try it!

I figured that getting Jack and Molly to smile (or even sit still) long enough to get a picture of them with each letter might be impossible. I was right. Handy, dandy chalkboard to the rescue! One picture, and boom! Done. (by one picture, I mean I got three good pictures out of the hundred or so I took.  Most of the pictures of Jack smiling involved me yelling POOP really loudly so he would laugh)

I love using the chalkboard, because you can customize it for anyone who loves your kids. All you need is chalk, a chalkboard, a frame to put your picture in, and a camera! 

The Father’s Day pictures turned out so cute, I decided to make one for my Papa, Dave’s Grandma, and our sitter, Allie!  (My favorite is Allie’s!)

DSC_0490 DSC_0503 DSC_0512 DSC_0534

Displaying DSC_0540.JPG

Displaying DSC_0587.JPG


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