{Favorite Things Friday} The Honest Company Zip Pouch

Zip Pouch Words

I am one of those people that just throws crap into the bag.  I am constantly searching for sunscreen, keys, chapstick… you get the idea.  I have used zip pouches in the past, but they never really did the trick.  The Honest zip pouch is seriously THE BOMB (to use language from my 90’s upbringing, maybe I should have used “fetch” instead?). 

The sides of the pouch are covered in compartments, that make perfect places to hold all of those tiny, little, things that I typically drown at the bottom of my purse.  #WINNING! I can actually find things now WHAT?!  It allows me to make quick bag changes as I’m typically without kids during the daytime hours during the week and with them after work and all weekend.  I love it so much, I now own two of them.  One for me, for my work bag, and the other for the kiddos stuff.  It’s great… I can toss them between bags for the park, pool, the beach, or just throw it in the bottom of the stroller.  So you see, I still get to throw my crap into bags, I just can find things now when I do it!  I am excited to use this pouch in my carry-on for travel as well!  PS You can throw the whole thing in the washer!


  pouch in bag

A little more on my Honest membership:

Most of you know, I have been an Honest member for over a year.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about subscription services after a terrible experience with both Care.com and Sittercity.  (don’t even ask unless you want a 20 minute rant)  I thought long and hard before joining The Honest Company, but I’m glad to report, their subscription is not a big deal.  You really can cancel at anytime.  You do have to pick up the phone and physically speak to someone, but they do allow you to cancel and don’t make you wait “three billing cycles”.  

As time has moved forward, I have fallen in love with the safe, fun, and healthy products that are delivered right to my door.  Their products have really expanded in the past 6 months.  Most I love, some I don’t, but it’s really fun to try new things.  The zip pouch is one of the fun “add ons” (items that you cannot get as part of your 5 item essentials bundle) that I ordered in my last bundle.  I previously had tried, and was wowed by, the soy candles (Orange Vanilla is my favorite) and the baby teether, but the zip pouch stole my heart.

I love my Honest membership and have tried most of the products.  If you have any questions, or really love a particular item, please comment below!  I’m always excited to try new products and give my feedback!

*I haven’t done a {Favorite Things Friday} in a while… or posted in a while for that matter.  My goal is to post once a week.  I love writing my terribly neglected, random, un-punctuated (and probably mispelled) blog, I just need to make some time for it.  To my two loyal readers (mom and aunt nan) I’m back 🙂


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