Mom Guilt: Top Ten

After feeling guilty yesterday for taking time to myself to pee (yes pee!), I decided to make a list of the completely ridiculous things that I feel guilty about on a regular basis.  It was so long I had to cut it down to a top ten.  Have a laugh with me and remember to be kind to yourselves Mamas!

Here we go on the Top 10 Things I Feel Guilty About as a Mother.

#10 Drinking an entire cup of coffee in one sitting without having to reheat it ten times

#9 Brushing my teeth before noon

#8 Closing the door while I pee

#7 Watching a show that doesn’t include Mickey, Doc McStuffins, or Sophia in the title

#6 Taking a shower

#5 Going to Trader Joes without my helper because he just loves that little red cart so much

#4 Taking the time to make and eat breakfast that isn’t my kid’s leftover eggo

#3 Running without my boyfriend “BOB” and a stop at the park.

#2 Peeing first thing in the morning when the baby is awake and crying

And the #1 thing that I feel guilty about as a mom is …..

Eating my child’s delicious snacks and then telling him that he ate them “all gone” the day before.  Wait… I totally don’t feel guilty about that.  That is where I draw the line.

Happy Friday everyone!


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