{Favorite Things Friday} Bumkins SuperBib

I never used bibs with Jack.  Partially because he hated them and partially because I never cleaned them well enough when he did use them.  It drove my mom nuts.  Baby led weaning is MESSY and even when I could wrangle him into a bib, it would get absolutely destroyed because I could never wipe the front clean enough.

When the pediatrician told us to start Molly on solids early, I decided I should probably give bibs another go.  Someone told me to try Bumkins because they are completely waterproof.

I am so glad I did.  You can spray the whole thing down in the sink and then let it air dry.  If it’s really messed up, you can throw it in the washer or the dishwasher!  Our puppy really enjoys the catcher pocket as you can see…





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