Disney with Toddlers and Infants

We took two, 2.5 year olds, an 8 month old, and a 5 month old to Disney…and we planned and booked the trip in less than a week before we left.  I bet you think we’re crazy, right?  Well, that’s what happens when it’s February, you haven’t seen the grass in 4 months, and you see a sunny forecast for Orlando.  This all came about because of our annual get together with our good friends from MN.  We decided last minute that instead of the midwest meet up with our buddies from way up north, we had to get out of the weather and head to the happiest place on earth with all four of our kiddos.

PS You don’t have to pay park entrance fees for kids under 3 🙂

We didn’t have much time to research before leaving, so I am calling it our “practice trip”.  We will definitely be going back when M is a little older.

Top 10 Tips for Disney/Magic Kingdom with Toddlers

1.  Stay on Property 

Just do it.  There is free transportation to and from the airport and to the parks.  The best part is you won’t have to bring your crazy huge car seats with you!  We stayed at the Art of Animation in the family suite (yep all 8 of us!).  If your little ones are into Finding Nemo, or Cars they will have TONS of fun during their stay.  My favorite thing about this resort was the “toddler friendliness”.  There was an awesome Cars themed area complete with life-sized characters, a playground, a zero entry pool, and a Finding Nemo Splash Pad.  The kids ran around the splash pad for hours while we sat in the sun.

2.  Download the “my Disney Ap

You can plan your day to a T here!  I wish I would have done this better.  we could have seen a lot more!

3.  Bring your stroller and your double if you’re traveling with two!

There is stroller parking all over Magic Kingdom and it was awesome being able to have both in the stroller when J got tired.  It was also great for carrying our food and stuff!

4.  As soon as you get to Magic Kingdom, take the train straight to Fantasy Land

The entrance was really backed up when we got the park and it was a little overwhelming.  You can hop on the train right when you enter the park and take it all the way back to Fantasy Land to miss the crowds and start having fun.

5.  Our Favorite Magic Kingdom Attractions

Check out these rides:  Mad Tea Party, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, It’s a Small World, Dumbo, Buzz Lightyear, and Aladdin.  Skip Monter’s Inc Laugh Floor.  It’s basically improv on a video screen.  Pick you Character Experiences.  We only got to Meet Mickey, but the kids loved it.  It was a crazy line though.  (get your embroidered ears right afterwards at the gift shop you will exit through… watch little hands grabbing for mickey toys, we came out with mickey, minnie, and pluto oops!)

6.  Figure out your Fast Pass

Fast Pass basically makes the lines shorter by telling you to show up to a ride during a time window.  There were long lines most places and we messed it up so we only got to ride MadTea Party, Dumbo, and the Little Mermaid… but we got to ride them all twice.  Since J is under 2 we did not have to pay admission so he didn’t have fast pass.  He just rode with the adults.  Since we had infants with us two of us stayed with the babies and two of us rode with the kids and then we switched so the kids could ride twice.  We loved all three of those rides and they are great for kids.  I would have actually taken Molly on Little Mermaid if I would have known what it was like in advance.  We heard Winnie the Pooh, Belle’s Dance Party, Meet Ariel, Peter Pan, and Buzz Lightyear were all awesome, but we didn’t have time to ride those after we stood in line to meet Mickey for over an hour.  We had fast pass, but the line said 10 minutes so we didn’t use our fast pass on that.  You only get 3 per day.  That was definitely a mistake.

7.  Do a Character Breakfast

The characters are walking around at certain times, but if you’re only going for one day like we were, it is better to be able to meet all the characters at once.  We didn’t get to see very many and I wish we would have booked a Character Breakfast

8.  Stay for the Main Street Electrical Parade

Both toddlers were asleep in their strollers and we woke them up to see it.  They were mesmerized and talked about it a lot the next day.  It was everyone’s favorite part!

9.  Bring food into the park!

Apparently all the restaurants only take reservation except a few fast foodish places.  We found one in Tomorrowland for dinner, but we brought our lunch in and I’m so glad we did since the choices were limited and expensive!

10.  Stay until 1am!!  (you not the kids)

If you’re traveling with relatives have them take the kids back to the hotel and stay until 1am when the park closes.   If we had nana and gagi with us, we would have definitely done that and rode all the rides that the kids couldn’t.  The park cleared out like crazy after the fireworks!

I’d love to hear any of your Disney Tips!


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