{SUPER FUN} Love List

You know I love a good holiday.  It’s a great excuse to decorate the house, (although I think Melanie takes the cake for holiday decor!), dress the kids up, and do themed kids crafts.  I don’t have any Favorite Things for you today, but I wanted to share our Super Fun Valentine’s Day List.


Gossip Girl (just kidding still me)

1.  Make To My Valentine Oatmeal Cookies… Sorry folks it’s a secret family recipe passed down by my great grandmother so I won’t be sharing on the blog.

2.  Busting out my camera!  Oh the fun of dressing up my tiny people and snapping their photo.

3.  Send out Valentine’s Day cards with our Christmas Thank You notes on the back.  I love it when I can multi task!

4.  Make as many paper hearts as humanly possibly and leave them all over the house with love notes to kids and dogs and husbands.

5.  Make Valentines for J’s preschool.  He requested Mickey and Minnie.  We have to make A valentine for the entire class.  Not one for each kid…


2 thoughts on “{SUPER FUN} Love List

  1. Love all of your Valentine projects. Loved loved loved the card, your children are adorable. I will make the treasured family valentine cookies when I get home from work. Miss you all. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love you.

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