{Favorite Things Friday} Rugby Stripe Bins

I should seriously write a love letter to the Container Store.  I could get lost in there for days.  I have a pretty consistent dream about running there “supermarket sweep style”.  We don’t have one in town, so my trips there are few and far between.  I stumbled across these bins about 3 years ago when I stopped in to pick up a broom on my way back from Chicago and I’ve been smitten ever since.  I now have 9 of them total.  4 fill the entryway closet cubbies, 3 in the nursery, and 2 are sitting around until I find a spot for them.

I love the rope handles and the grey stripes.  They are simple, stylish, and and totally my style.  The bins made out of woven paper.  They do take a while to “break in” because of this.  All that took was putting some stuff in them so they stood up straight on their own after a while, but if you are looking for a sturdy bin, this bin is not for you.

Rugby Stripe BinsRugby Stripe Bins


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