Yoga Home Practice

Yoga has really helped me both mentally and physically.  It has allowed me to be present in the moment, set an intention, and let go.  For me, the benefits come from a quiet mind.  I have a hard time settling down and yoga helps me be still (and to be ok with being still).

Keep Calm and do Yoga

I don’t really have time to get to class right now, and I LOVE going to class.  The collective soul of a yoga class and chanting OM in unison gets me every time, but I need a solution until I can get back to class.

I’m starting home practice.  The best part about a home practice is that you need literally nothing (not even a yoga mat) for your body and mind to start benefiting from yoga.

If you’re a beginner, I would highly suggest seeking out a beginner series that is an ACTUAL LIVE IN PERSON CLASS.  You can seriously injure yourself in yoga if you push yourself too far or do certain poses incorrectly.  It’s helpful to be under a teacher’s instruction in the beginning days.  I’ve been doing yoga for 8 years now and I learn something new from every class.  So all that rambling to tell you don’t try this at home if you’re a beginner, or do but be careful and mindful.  Maybe pick up a copy of Light on Yoga.

So onto the home practice tips.

1.  Find a quiet place where you can’t be interrupted. (this is hard for me.  You can find me in the bathroom, my closet, the kitchen…)  I usually do yoga after the kids are in bed, but the puppies love nothing more than snuggling.  If I’m doing yoga with them in the same room, Maddie curls up at the top of my mat and licks my face every time I chaturanga!

2.  Find a podcast.  It will make you feel like you’re in class even if you’re in your bathroom.  I like podcasts much more than  the yoga videos with the ocean in the background and calming music.  It’s not my scene, but if it’s yours go for it!

3.  Dim the lights and light a candle.  Candlelight yoga is my favorite and gets me motivated to start my practice.

4.  Make a playlist.  I play it in the background of the podcast.

5.  Get your savasana on.  This is the part of yoga I used to duck out at the end of class for when I was a beginner (I know I know shame on me!)  I couldn’t get settled down and just be.  Savasana has taught me to be quiet, reflect, and calm down.  It’s a nice reward at the end of class.


4 thoughts on “Yoga Home Practice

  1. #5 cannot be stressed enough, that’s when the magic happens and your body absorbs the benefits of the practice 🙂 Also, totally random thought: I just love your profile pic, they are adorable! 🙂

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