{Favorite Things Friday} Babylegs

Has anyone noticed that the 80s and 90s are coming back big time in the form of kids fashion?!  I am loving all the bright colors, skinny jeans, and high tops for little boys, and I’m really digging honey girl’s Babylegs legwarmers!  I bought some babylegs back when Jack was a little guy and I loved them, but I have to say the little girls babylegs are so much cuter!

Top 5 things I love about Babylegs legwarmers

#5 Their ecom site has insane sales and coupon codes, so they don’t break the bank!

#4 They are oh so adorable with a plain white onesie (which I have way too many of)

#3 They can be reused as “arm warmers” for older toddlers and look just as cute

#2 Have you ever put tights on a baby?  WORST IDEA EVER!  I hear that Babylegs double as tights even for toddler girls!


So there you have it!  All the reasons I love my babylegs 🙂


Molly Jack Halloween

Mom and Molly

Santa Baby


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