{Favorite Things Friday} Beauty Products

I’ve been overhauling my beauty products in the past few years and I’m finally able to share some of my favorites that are both safe and effective.

Natural Beauty

1.  Honest Shampoo and Body wash–  I love the orange vanilla scent.  It leaves my hair smelling fresh and clean and it lathers better than any other natural shampoo I’ve tried.

2.  Honest Conditioning Mist–  I am in love with this.  I love conditioning mists period and this one is amazing.  It smells like vanilla with a hint of orange but a bit different than the shampoo and body wash.  I use this every time I wash my hair (usually every other day).  It makes combing through tangles a breeze and leaves my hair silky and smooth.

3.  California Baby Everyday Lotion No Fragrance, 6.5 oz– I use this on the kids and myself because it’s fragrance free.  I start with coconut oil and put this over the top to get rid of that balmy dewy feel that the coconut oil gives me.

4.  Organic Wear Mascara–  This is my every day mascara.  I have to be honest, it can’t even compete with my mac mascara.  When I don’t need to have va va voom lashes this does the job.  It makes me feel like I’m not putting chemicals in my eyes and darkens and extends my lashes.

5.  100% Pure Cheek Tint–  I LOVE THIS!  I use this on my cheeks and on my eyes instead of eyeshadow.  This beats out any cream blush I’ve ever tried.  As an eye shadow, I just use it for every day… not if I want to get glam.  I have the grapefruit color and it makes my skin glow and look sun kissed!  The company has some other products I’d like to try as well.  They never use parabens and do not test on animals.

6.  Honest Organic Lip Balm Trio– I tried this on a whim and am obsessed with all three of them.  My favorite is the lavender mint!  It smooths out my lips without being waxy if that makes sense.

7.  Honest Hand Sanitizer– I don’t know if this is really a beauty product, but It’s flu season and I have 2 small kids so I am a hand sanitizer maniac these days.  I guess if I’m not sick I’m prettier so I’ll keep this on the list.  It is on me at all times and I love that I can spray my toddler’s hands quickly while out and about.  The best thing about this is that it doesn’t dry out my skin like other hand sanitizers!

8.  Coconut Oil-  You probably know by know I’m obsessed with coconut oil.  It’s an amazing moisturizer with anti-fungal properties and can be used for so many things.  I use it as a moisturizer and also have made some yummy body scrubs with it(more on that later)  I melt it in warm water and then pour it into a pot with a wide top so I can get it out easier.   I have also used it for oil pulling in the past.  (what is that you ask?  more on that too I’m about to start it up again)

9.  Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer–   Tinted moisturizer is as close as I get to foundation.  I hate foundation because it feels so thick on my face so I’ve never really worn it.  I make this tinted moisturizer even lighter by mixing it 50/50 with California Baby lotion.  It gives my skin some breathing room but still gives a bit of color and coverage.


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