Shopping a Season Ahead: How to Get the Best Price

I buy EVERYTHING online, except for kids clothes.  The best price is usually in store.

I shop mostly at H&M and Baby Gap for Jack’s everyday clothes and I love Hanna Andersson and the 100% cotton carters pajamas for him.  Jack’s New Balance shoes are awesome…and I had to pay full price.  It was worth it.  Summer sandals you have to go with Keens for an active toddler!  They can get wet and they don’t stink after day to day use.  His still look great after wearing them all summer!  The lands end winter boots are the best!! They are easy for toddlers to put on themselves and they are super sturdy and warm!  This is somehow turning into a post about toddler shoes…Moving on!

Below is how I attempt to get the best price possible at each store!  Remember buy a season or two ahead!

H&M:  This is a tough one.  Their pricing strategy seems a bit random to me.  Usually sale racks are marked $3, $5, $7, and $10.  I’ve never seen them have an extra percentage off of their sale, but they do have coupons sometimes.  Sign up for their email alerts.  Right now they are doing a buy one get one free on sale items.  I haven’t checked this out in store and just got an email on it this morning.  I’m not sure how it works but I’m intrigued!

Gap:  Wait until they have an extra 40% off of their clearance items.  This usually occurs three to four times a year.  I always have better luck in the store than online.  The store prices seem to be slashed usually 15-30% more than the online prices.  Our store usually has this at the end of Summer(which to them means July I guess) and Winter (Januaryish) and sometimes at the end of Spring as well.  My strategy is to head straight back to the clearance rack and start digging.  You can get some amazing deals.

Hanna Andersson:  I have found the organic sleepers at Costco for more than half off of retail, but the best deal is at the outlet if you have one near you.  The outlet typically has sales that line up with holidays or sidewalk sales.  This is the time to shop.  Sometimes they have an extra percentage off coupon you can get at the outlet office for 15% off.  I love the training underwear that they make as well!

Carters:  Hit the clearance rack and use a coupon.  They have a coupon every month for their stores that is usually 25% off.  You can get some great deals using the combo of clearance rack and coupon.

Keens:  Put a price grabber online.  I really lucked out last year with my REI find, but I just purchased his Keens for next summer and this fall on Zulily.  It was the lowest online price I’ve seen.

Lands End:  I love their boots, snowpants, and fleece winter gear!  They have a grow with me feature and will last you more than one season most likely.  Look at the end of winter when they have  an extra percentage off of their clearance online.  I always do coupon code search too and sometimes I find a good one for 30% off.  Their sizes start at 2T for clothes and it’s a big 2T.  They don’t have toddler sizes in most of their retail stores so you’ll have to look online.  I missed out last year on their online sale when I wanted to get boots.  The boots typically don’t get cheaper than 19 dollars.


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