Best toys for a 1-2 year old

I’ve been in a “pitch it if we don’t use it” mood lately.  We live in an older home  with a serious lack of closet and storage space… and I hate clutter.  I did a sweep of the house a few months ago and got rid of a trunkful of clothes, random stuff, and even some toys that just aren’t played with.  That got me thinking about the toys that Jack really does love.  I’m not big on noisy toys and prefer the toys that are non toxic and foster imagination and creative play.  Jack has just started to really pretend play with his toys,  which is so fun to see.  We are always getting asked what to buy Jack for birthdays and christmas so I thought putting a list together of his favorite things might help some other Mamas who get the same questions.
*This is probably geared towards boys a little bit more.  If you have a girl you probably want to add a doll and baby stroller to the list!
Best toys for a 1-2 year old
1.  Train Table– This is the best thing we purchased.  It still gets played with almost everyday and we’ve had it for a year now.  We found ours on craigslist for 100 bucks and it included all of the tracks and trains.  I would highly recommend this for 15 months and above!  This will definitely grow with your child.  Jack is just starting to build his own tracks instead of just pushing his trains along the track we built!
2.  Play Kitchen- Jack got this for Christmas last year.  He was 18 months old.  He liked it, but didn’t really start “pretend playing” with it until he was about 22 months old.  At age 2 this gets a lot of use.  He makes us food and brings it to us, cooks in his kitchen while we make dinner, and likes to bring his fake food and “checkout” at our grocery store (the coffee table!)  I love the kitchen we have.  It’s gender neutral and just the right size.  There is also a fridge you can purchase that we are planning on getting J for Christmas this year.
3.  Cars, Dump Trucks, and Diggers- We have a number of these and they all get played with and pushed around with the little people at the wheel.  He has loved them since about 15 months.  I like the green toys trucks because they seem super sturdy and Jack is not gentle with them.
4.  Fisher Price Little People– All kids love these.  I’m not sure why.  It must be the size of them and the fact they can fit in little hands and are easy to maneuver.  The little people play in the farm, drive the cars and trucks, and are occasionally baked into cupcakes in the play kitchen 🙂
5.  Wooden Blocks-  There are many different brands out there.  I love our Uncle Goose blocks because they are non toxic, super cute, and made in Michigan!  These are great for stacking and knocking over for 1 year olds and building for older kids.
What are the toys that your kids can’t live without?
6.  Cozy Coupe– My Mom and Dad found Jack’s at a garage sale for ten dollars.  He loves it.  It’s a great outdoor toy for our patio!  He just got it this summer but I know lots of people who get them for their kids for their first birthday and they get lots of use out of them!

2 thoughts on “Best toys for a 1-2 year old

  1. Rachel, I’m telling you craigslist is the place! The trains alone are 10 dollars each! I have seen a full set with table on both gilt and zulily. Is there a Barnes and Noble by you? They have story time on Saturdays here and they have a great train table for kids to play with. That is how we figured out that Jack loved it so much. He was about a year old!

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