An Honest Review of the Honest Co: July Update!

July Update:  I’m so happy with the bug spray, sunscreen, and shampoo and body wash.  With that said, I think having a subscription service makes me like the products less.  I don’t want the commitment.  I’ve pushed my shipments out to every 90 days now instead of getting it once a month.   Bottom line, I can make a lot of this stuff myself, find it cheaper elsewhere, or would prefer to have a different brand.  I’ll give next months products a try and see how they go.  If I can find 5 products that I really love and can’t do myself, I’ll keep my subscription.

June Post with Updates in Red:
I have been using my Honest products for a little over 2 weeks now. Before I signed up I checked out the EWG to make sure what they said was legit.  While some of their cleaning products scored well on some scored average on safety.  Average is still better than what I was using so I decided to give them a try (and of course I had a coupon code!).  Their sunscreen and care products did much better on EWG.  Check out the EWG here for Honest Co cleaning products and here for Honest Co beauty products.

For the most part, I am pleased with my products.  Their customer service is outstanding too!

When I received my first shipment the shampoo leaked all over the other products.  Not a big deal, but I had read about that happening to other people so I emailed them to let them know they should probably change the top to the bottle.  They sent me a brand new bottle 3 days later with a response thanking me for the feedback.

1.  Fruit and Veggie Wash

This turned out to be one of my favorites in the first shipment.  It was quick and worked really well on the grapes, peaches, strawberries, and blueberries.  Vinegar in water is way cheaper, but you have to soak the fruit in the water for like an hour for it to be effective.  I probably won’t get this again just because of the cost compared to vinegar but if you can get past that it was great.

July Update:  Still like it, but not worth the money when you can make it for yourself for way less!

2.  Shampoo and Body Wash-  

I like this for myself, but won’t use it on Jack again.  It got in his eyes a little and he rubbed them and cried.  I’ll stick with California Baby for him (CA Baby got a better score on EWG anyways!).  I would actually get this again for myself though.  It smells like oranges and vanilla and is very sudsy compared to the other natural Shampoos I have tried.  I gave my extra bottle to our nanny and she liked it too! 

July Update:  Still like it!

3.  Stain Remover-

Jury is still out on this one.  It didn’t remove the chalk stain from Jack’s fabric covered chair after I ran it through the wash, but neither did the other stain remover I tried.  Time will tell!  I think the key with any stain remover is getting it on right away, which I suck at.

July Update:  I hate this stain remover.  It left a stain (yep a stain left by stain remover) on the one maternity dress that I love to wear!  Also, it hasn’t removed any of the stains I’ve tried it on!

4.  Dishwasher Gel-  

This works just as well as what we used in the past (Cascade).  It does leave a bit of a film on the dishes, but that could be our dishwasher since the Cascade did that too…

July Update:  Still like it!  It left a film because we needed rinse aid in our dishwasher apparently! 

5.  Hand Sanitizer- 

A little sticky and doesn’t take much to do the trick.  Of course how do you know if this actually works?  You don’t, but after looking at the label of the standard hand sanitizer, I’ll take this one any day.  We really only use this after diaper changes anyways. 

July Update:  Still like it!

Next month:

100% Organic Dishtowels (because they match my kitchen 🙂 )
July Update:  The dishtowels are very thin and I don’t love them…

Sunscreen (for me, Jack will continue to use Badger)
July Update:  I really like this sunscreen!  It is similar to the consistency of Badger and it got great reviews on EWG.  This is a winner!
BugSpray (for the fam)
July Update:  I really like this too!  It smells great and there is no deet in it.  It does keep the bugs away for the most part and I don’t feel like I’m spraying straight up chemicals on myself or Jack.

July Update:  It’s ok.  I won’t get it again.  I’m trying out a Babyganics dish soap the next time I need it for washing kid stuff.  I think I’ll go back to regular free and clear for our dishes.

and Free Trial of Diapers Bundle.  I’m considering doing a NB bundle before cloth diapering so I’m trying out the big ones on J before he is fully potty trained (more on that later!).  Looking at the price it’s almost as expensive as just buying NB sized cloth diapers so we’ll see.

July Update:  The diapers leaked every time Jack wore them.  The customer service rep was extremely nice and offered to send me a new size to try out, but cleaning up pee in the middle of the night was enough for me.  They are also insanely expensive…adding to my cloth diaper stash instead of doing this makes more sense. If I need disposables for the first couple of weeks, I will use regular disposables.


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