Master Bath Remix: Progress!

Let me just start out by saying that my husband is amazing.  I seriously have no idea how he knows how to do all of this stuff, but it makes DIY a lot easier around here.  As I mentioned here, our bathroom is part of an addition put on in the 70’s.  It’s just plain weird.  We didn’t move anything, but are tackling a few things to give the bathroom a facelift and make it a little more functional for our family (ie me).

1.  Revamp the Shower- We ripped out the plastic insert and will replace it with a glass tiled shower.  This will give us a a few more inches of space in the shower.  That doesn’t seem like much but trust me it is!  The shower is tiny!  This is what I am most excited about!  YAY!

2.  Custom Built Ins- The shelves before were basically glorified holes in the wall that just happened to have shelves.  Dave custom built wood shelving so we could have space for baskets and storage.

3.  New Vanity, Toilet, and Mirror-  The lighting is tricky in our bathroom.  There is no window, so we are opting for canned lighting on top of our vanity mirror.  I’m not in love with the mirror/medicine cabinet but we need it for functionality.

4.  Bright Paint Color- Our bedroom and bathroom are the same shade of khaki right now (well the bathroom isn’t as of 2 hours ago).  I despise that paint color.  I mean hate it.  It’s neutral enough, but it sucks the light out of the room.  When your bathroom doesn’t have a window, that is sort of a problem. 

And now some pics from this morning.  Don’t mind the mess.  Dave is priming right now.  The shower pan is almost dry and the shower walls were waterproofed yesterday.  More pics to come!


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