Oh Back to School Back to School (and work too!)

We just got back from an amazing vacation in Hawaii.  11 days of sun, sea, and sights!

Then we made the trek back to Wisconsin…

Returning from vacation can be a total bitch.  Nothing like going from complete relaxation to utter chaos in a 24 hour span.

So here’s a recap of the last 48 hours.

June 11th (after a fun filled birthday for Jack at the aquarium, exploring Waikiki, and visiting Pearl Harbor)

10:25pm Hawaiian time- 5am West Coast
Flight from Honolulu to San Francisco.  Oh the joys of “infant in arms”
Jack 0 Sleep 1
Megan 1 Sleep 0
Dave 1 Sleep 0

June 12th
Arrive in San Francisco.  Jack runs around in the airport like a maniac while we chase him and try to get him to go back to sleep.  He’s running on 6 hours in the past 24 hours and we’re on about 15 minutes a piece.  Hop on our flight, no sleep is had by all, and there is a crying kicking child for half the flight that might be mine…  Yep we were those people trying to calm him with the promise of cookies and fruit snacks and Caillou on the ipad.  UGH.

2pm Minneapolis Jack finally passes out (after we land mind you).  Jack sleeps and wakes up just in time to hop on our last leg to Madison.  Better this time but not a great flight

5pm  Arrive home FINALLY.  Enter the house.  Prepare peanut butter and jelly since we have no other food in the house.  Jack proceeds to whip off his diaper and pee on the floor (Jack Pee Jack Pee)  I turn to clean it up, Jack poops on the floor (Jack Poop Jack Poop).  Bath time and books and we’re all in bed by 7:30!

June 13th AM

7:45 am Rustle my sleeping 2 year old out of bed like he’s the 16 year old version of himself. 

7:50 am Daddy made pancakes for Jack!  Watch him eat two bites and spit the rest out on the floor. (My baby wakes up slow and he isn’t ready for his breakfast yet!)  Guess I’ll clean that up later and hope he’s not too hungry at school.

8am Read the back side of his school paperwork that he needs the following today since he’s switching classrooms.  (Not sure how I missed the back last night.  Must have been me running on an hour of sleep.)  (And seriously who mails that in the actual mail?  An email would have been nice!)

1.  Labeled sunscreen with signed consent form filled out with active ingredients.
2.  Lunch including milk which is no longer provided in his new room (shit we have no milk… pack juice box along with pb j and the random applesauce we find at the back of the fridge)
3.  Labeled water bottle and utensils.  We have no freaking masking tape or markers.  I send a fork to eat his applesauce with because I can’t find his spoons.
4.  Labeled ziploc bag with 2 complete outfit changes (pack dirty pants with clean shirts…oops)
5.  Labeled swim suit and rash guard (pack dirty swimsuit and too small rash guard just in case he needs it today)
6.  Disposable diapers…which we have 2 of leftover from vacation.  Since he’s in cloth the rest of the time I send 2 diapers for the day and hope he gives daycare a repeat of his floor performance last night so he doesn’t run out.

See Dave and Jack to the car, hastily make coffee and eat the remaining blueberry pancakes on Jack’s plate and call it breakfast

All this before my 8:30am call and sifting through literally thousands of emails that I missed while we were gone.  (totally worth it by the way).


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