Coming Soon: An Honest Review of The Honest Company

This is what happens when I find a crazy coupon code online.  I join things.  So after I scored a 10 dollars off your first month and free shipping, I joined Honest.  I was already on the search for new, healthier cleaning options for our family, so the coupon came at the right time.   Also just in time for me to finish The Honest Life!

I enjoyed most of The Honest Life.  While I don’t care that she has an obsession with retinol and that she organizes her scarves according to color, the book was an enjoyable, informative read… especially if you have kids.  Her index at the back is very helpful when investigating product labels for ingredients you don’t want present in your products (but you can find those here too for free)  She was pretty honest about the things she just can’t or doesn’t want to go Eco on.  I found that refreshing.  I wouldn’t run out and buy it, but definitely give it a whirl as a library or borrowed book!

We got our first month shipment yesterday.  Yay for new Stain Remover, Dishwasher Detergent, Shampoo, Hand Sanitizer, and Fruit and Veggie Wash.  I’m not sure why I picked Fruit and Veggie Wash.  I already know that filling the sink full of water and adding vinegar probably works just fine…


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