An Ode To My Super Mommy for Mother’s Day

I’m in the midst of finishing Lean In and with Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about the women’s movement, working moms both inside and outside of the home, the choices my generation has been afforded by the work of those before us, the false sense that the women’s movement is over and there is no more progress that needs to be made, and of course what a great example my mom, well really both of my parents are to me.  They shaped who I am and let me form my own opinions about religion, politics, and feminism.

With that said, I wanted to share about my amazing Mom.  (Dad you’re great too, but that’s for another post closer to Father’s Day)

You set an amazing example for me on staying true to your sense of self, standing up for what is right, loving, and most importantly continuing to do what makes you you even after you have kids.  I know it was hard to be a full time working mom for you, but as a kid I never realized just how hard it was.  I didn’t realize how much you did for us until I had to start doing it as a mom myself.  The constant worrying, juggling, tears, laughter, and all of the housework, POOP, PUKE, and PEE that comes along with it.  Of course I wouldn’t change any of it and I know you wouldn’t either.

I never once felt like I was gypped as a kid because you didn’t stay home with us.  I feel the opposite actually.  I know I’m able to be the person and mom that I am today because of you.  I don’t know how you did it.  We were out the door by 6:45 am most days, you cooked almost every night, you were at every sporting event and play, did fun projects with us, took us on outings and field trips, cleaned the house, and are our biggest fan and cheerleader.  (Not to leave out Dad I would say he was an equal fan)  I’m still learning and changing as a mom and I know that, but you are what I strive to be.  I love you.


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