Cloth Diapering Updates: 1 Month In

We are a month into cloth diapering and I couldn’t be happier we made the switch.  It is a little more laundry but you don’t have to fold and put it away so it’s not that big of a deal.  I told you about my essentials list in my last post.  Well, that has changed a little bit.

Updated Essentials:
1.  The cloth wipes just weren’t working for me.  Back to disposable wipes.  Maybe we’ll use them before we start solids with the next bambino.  For now, they are collecting dust on my closet shelf.

2.  Upping the Number of Diapers.  I’m going to add a couple more to the stash so I don’t run out completely when I do laundry.  This will put us at 14 bumgenius freetimes and 16 diapers total.  (we have 1 bumgenius 4.0 and 1 best bottom from attempts #’s 1 and 2 and I detest when I have to actually use them)

3.  Diaper Sprayer.  I waffled on this purchase.  It seemed kind of pricey to me.  Let me tell you it’s an absolute must for us.  That thing really gets the poop off of the diapers.  It makes me feel better that the diapers are free of most of the poop.  Let’s just be honest here, I am basically washing poop in the same machine that I do my clothes in.

My washing method is pretty simple and it works really well for us.  I do the diapers at the very end of the day so I can get them hung up to dry overnight on my handy drying rack.

Washing Steps

1.  Cold Rinse on normal setting with “water plus” button pushed.  No detergent in this cycle.  I’ve found that this works best and the extra water allows the diapers to get super soaked and rid of all of the pee.

2.  Hot Wash on normal with “extra rinse” button pushed.  Country Save detergent on this cycle.  This sanitizes them.

3.  Cold Rinse on speed wash.  This really isn’t necessary, but it’s 15 minutes and makes me feel like they’re cleaner so I’m going with it.

4.  Hang overnight to dry.  Take time to admire your cute little colorful diapers!


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