Dressing Toddler Boys

As soon as I found out Jack was a boy, I started to look for baby clothes.  I ran into a few problems.  Cute boy clothes are sort of hard to come by…unless you’re willing to pay a small fortune.  For the ten racks of baby girl clothes, there are two of boy clothes and most of them say “hunk” on them.  To add insult to injury,  there are way more girl clothes in the first place so of course, there are way more SALE girl clothes.  The cute boy clothes go quickly and the sale items aren’t as cheap!  UGH.  I have finally found some awesome basic pieces that I love for Jack for everyday and a formula of what to look for!  Less is more šŸ™‚

Here is what I look for in kiddo clothes:

1.  It has to be relatively cheap.  I don’t need to get it for a buck, but less than $6 is what I’m shooting for for each piece.  I make exceptions for very nice items that I know will last us a little bit longer.  I think quality items are the way to go, but I still like to get them in my price wheelhouse because they outgrow them so quickly.

2.  When I can, I make it durable and cotton.  This seems to hold up the best and is the most comfortable for running, lounging, and sleeping.  Cotton is also extremely washable and doesn’t fall apart after multiple spills, applications of stain sticks, and runs through the washer.

3.  Plain:  Notice I didn’t say boring here, but I don’t like his clothes to have ridiculous things splattered all over them like “mommy’s new man”.  Enough said here.

4.  “Grow with Me” feature for pants and higher priced items.  I recently got almost a year out of a pair of jeans that I got on clearance from Baby Gap.  The pants extended at the waist and at the legs for maximum use!

My Favorite Toddler Boy Pieces

1.  Old Navy Chest Pocket T-Shirts-These are some of the ONLY T-Shirts I buy for Jack now.  You have to get this specific T-Shirt in the solid color or else the fabric is thin and it doesn’t hold up in the wash.  I think they run slightly small.  We had the 2T size in the Fall, Winter, and Spring and are moving into the 3T size now.  I have found a few of these on the clearance rack for 2 bucks a piece.  If you buy 2 they are 5 bucks a piece so go when there is an additional coupon and get them for around $3-$4.

2.  H&M Hoodies and Cardigans.  They don’t sell them online.  Look in the store for 1.5-2year size in the hoodies.  They come in fun, bright colors and I pair them with the Old Navy T-Shirts usually.  I picked up one of Jack’s for $4 on the clearance rack and paid almost full price for the others because I liked it so much.  They are very nice cotton fabric and hold up great in the wash.  We have orange, grey, and blue.  The Cardigans are on clearance sometimes as well.  They are really cute on baby boys with a onesie underneath and cute on toddlers with jeans and newsboy caps!  They are thick cotton and pretty durable too!

Picture from H&M site

3.   Baby Gap Grow with me Jeans and Pants.  Jack has one pair of jeans, one pair of khakis, and one pair of green khakis that have lasted us over a year.  The pants roll up at the bottom and the waist is either knit or has a let out feature.  I bought all of them on clearance at baby gap for under $15 but can’t remember exactly what I paid.  Check the Baby Gap clearance when they have an extra percentage off and buy a season ahead!


4.  Gap Knit Shorts.  Great quality and nice to run around in or lounge in during warm weather.


5.  Hanna Andersson Night Night Sleepers and Hanna Andersson Long Johns.  Love for both babies and toddlers. These are pricey and there is really no way around it, but I think it’s worth it.  Luckily there is an outlet by my parents house and they have them at Costco sometimes.  The outlet clearance rack is where I start.  Jack has Christmas and Halloween long johns that are worn year round from the outlet and 4 Night Night sleepers.  3 from Costco, 1 from the outlet.  The Costco pairs seem to be a little less quality but are still awesome.  He has been in most for over an entire year.  I got the Costco jammies for $14 each and the outlet clearance jammies for $17.

6.  New Balance Kicks
We are on the second pair of these guys.  Jack usually only has one pair of shoes at a time.  He had stride rites when first learning to walk and a pair of new balances that seemed to give him great support.  Now he has the shoes below and a pair of Keen sandals for summer that I got on clearance at REI for $7.


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