Tricky Toddler Muffins

Jack was a very enthusiastic eater as a baby.  We practiced baby led weaning for the most part and he gobbled up anything and everything we put in front of him.   Fruits were his favorite but he ate his veggies too.  I used to think about my stellar mom skills while feeding Jack.  Wow I have a child who eats ate fruits and veggies like they are were going out of style.  Wow was I wrong.  Not only did Jack’s love for fruit and veggies have nothing to do with me or the food I was putting in front of him, but almost immediately after his first birthday he just all together stopped eating veggies.  Some of them were his favorite foods.  I’ve tried EVERYTHING.  He will still eat fruit thank god, but he won’t touch veggies unless they are carrots or sweet potatoes cut into thin straws and baked in the oven brushed with olive oil.  (Have I told you he’s a little high maintenance with his food?)

I’m now resorting to grinding up veggies and putting them in anything you can think of that I think he will eat.  Baby Jack eating Bananas 🙂  Toddler Jack spearing Cheerios with my car keys 🙂

I’ve been making these muffins with a few modifications based on what we have in our fridge and the veggies that I have already washed and ready to go.  He likes them… for now.
Add to the recipe
1 cup of Oats
1 tablespoon Chia Seeds
I typically substitute kale or spinach for the broccoli too!  


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