Summer Sun

I confess, I would lay out all day in the sun with absolutely nothing on if I could.  I love the feeling of warmth on my skin and the heat in the middle of the day in July.  When I was in high school I would slather myself up with SPF 4 (yes you read that right FOUR) and sit in the sun for hours on end.  I was life guarding or at the dunes almost every day.  I knew the dangers and went tanning anyways.  Then things changed.

My mom had spots of skin cancer removed from her face and neck when I was in college. That hit pretty close to home.  I wised up and started wearing SPF 30 in my later college years.  A good change.

I posted a while back about getting rid of the chemicals and choosing safer products for our family.   After Jack was born I learned that you really shouldn’t use sun screen on a baby under 6 months old because of the chemicals found in a lot of sunscreens.  Wow news to me!

According to the environmental working group’s website “very few sunscreens provide adequate sun protection without harmful chemicals”.  So I had a little digging to do.

After investigating a few different brands, I settled on Badger Sunscreen for Jack and I am using it too.  As I’m getting things organized for Hawaii, the hats and sunscreen are the only items crossed off of my “to pack” list so far.

We are still active and out and about in the sun, but we are hat and sunscreen people now…most of the time 😉


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