Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day I thought I would post about some of the eco and health conscious changes I’ve been making over the past 2 years.

1.  Recycling

To preface:  Yes I was really into recycling when I was living at home, yes I stopped when I moved out of my parents house, and yes I’m terrible because it is such an easy way to do your part for the environment.  I actually had a roommate who would fish recyclable things out of the garbage in our apartment that I had thrown away.  She is from California and I should have taken a note on her ultra savvy recycling habits when I had the chance.  So anyways, what an easy change!  We’re recycling again!

2.  Becoming more conscious and aware as a consumer

I learned last year that all of my water bottle replacement to glass and stainless steel, while good, was not enough to keep BPA out of our house.  I was shocked that most cans (soup, beans, you name it) are LINED on the INSIDE with BPA.  Here’s the kicker…most are not labeled unless they DO NOT contain BPA.  We don’t eat a ton of canned foods, but I do love to make chili and Jack LOVE LOVE LOVES black beans.  So we have switched to Eden Organic beans, which do not contain BPA.

Do you know what’s in your skin and hair products?
I have made some recent changes after checking out this database.  I have always used non scented products on Jack and have recently made those changes for myself.  One of my favorite changes has been switching to Coconut Oil as a body moisturizer instead of using lotion on a daily basis.  Anything to make me smell like a pina colada πŸ™‚

Jack’s Products:
California Baby Super Sensitive or Yes to Carrots Baby Bodywash
Coconut Oil on the booty to stave away diaper rash (which btw we haven’t gotten much of since cloth diapering)
California Baby Bubble Bath
California Baby Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion or Aveeno Non Scented Baby Lotion

My Products:
100% Aloe Vera as face moisturizer– love it and it leaves my skin clean and non greasy
Makeup- I’m still making changes here but am trying out a new tinted moisturizer and mascara by Organic Wear.  It’s much better on the toxicity scale than what I was wearing before, but if I still want to look really good I’m back to my Mac and NARS Illuminator for now.


Shampoo– I go back and forth here and haven’t found one I really love yet.  I would love any suggestions
Conditioner-  A drop of Argon oil on the ends

BodyWash:  I’m just using regular old soap right now.  I’m still on the search for something I love.
Moisturizer:  Coconut Oil or 100% Aloe Vera…  The coconut oil is great for a prego belly πŸ™‚

3.  Getting rid of the processed and chemical laden… as much as possible

To me, this means eating whole foods, buying organic when possible, and trying to use less chemical based cleaning products.  We are still a work in progress here.

I switched to all “Free and Clear” before Jack was born.  (various brands you find at Target)  When we started cloth diapering we recently switched to Country Save and started to use it on our clothes too.  It’s more eco friendly and comes in powder form.  I have to say I love it, but it’s hard to find!

We go back and forth between good old Dawn and various brands of free and clear.  When Dave shops he goes for the straight up cascade.

Cleaning Products:
On the Hardwood Floors:  Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and Water.  I can thank Valpo Velvet for teaching me to clean with that mix!

In the Stainless Steel Sink:  Baking Soda and Water

On the Counter tops:  Lysol Wipes (still a work in progress here!)

Dusting:  really people dust?  I just use a damp rag when things get out of control.  Obviously a work in progress on the whole cleaning system too!

In the Bathroom:  Still looking here!  I want to start making my own cleaner with natural products but no time right now!

5.  Cloth Diapering!
Read about that here and keep an eye out for an update in the next few days!


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