Our fixer Upper

We bought our current home in 2010.  I was still living in Minnesota and Dave was crashing in our friend Matt’s guestroom.  It was a long crash…over a year…Thanks Matt 🙂    I was pregnant with Jack and we were on a mission to live in the same state and find a house before our little bambino arrived.  So we did what anyone in our situation would do: a whirlwind weekend housing tour where we saw probably 20 houses.  We ended up putting an offer in on an FSBO house that we felt a little luke warm about.  I’m so glad they countered and we decided to walk away.

When I found our house online, I wasn’t able to get back to see it so I sent Dave in with our realtor and my friend Marmee.  They loved it, but had a few hesitations.
1. It was a bit…loud and slightly outdated
2.  It is on a somewhat busy street.

Our realtor didn’t actually want to sell it to us for reason #2, but she wasn’t going to turn down a sale.  We put in an offer and it was accepted!  I still had not seen the house in person at this point and didn’t until the weekend we moved in.  We’ve spent the past two and a half years making a 1930’s Tudor ours.  We did a lot in the first 6 months and are slowly completely our other projects.  Here are a few of our BEFORE pics.  Stay tuned for our AFTER pics and some Room Tours.

Living Room Before
Kitchen Before
Entryway Before

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