Cloth Diapering

We’re a little late to the game here.  This is our third attempt to cloth diaper.  The first two did not go well.  I’ll blame it on too many choices, too many steps, and not enough brain capacity due to lack of sleep.  I did a lot of research before this third and final attempt and I’m happy to say we’ve found our diapers:  NO stuffing and velcro tabs.  This makes it EXACTLY like disposables (except you don’t throw the diapers away, you wash them instead!).   Better for the environment and most importantly good for baby!

We have spent so much money on diapers in the past year so I was glad to make a one time investment on our cloth diapers that will hopefully be used with the next bambino too!

Our essentials for cloth diapering:

1.  10 BumGenius Freetimes– $175 (bulk discount and 5% coupon code at Nicki’s )
2.  2 PlanetWise Pail Liners– $34 (17 a piece at amazon)
3.  1 PlanetWise Wet Bag- Free already had it!
4.  Flannel Wipes-  $11 (Set of 12 on amazon)
5.  Country Save Detergent– $22 (10 lb box will last for 160 loads)
6.  BumGenius Diaper Sprayer– $59 (couldn’t find it anywhere cheaper)

We’ve been cloth diapering for about a week now and I have to say it’s pretty easy!  I really like it, Jack seems to like his lack of diaper rash, and they are pretty simple to take care of.


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