A Pumpkin First Birthday Party for my October Girl!

When our little pumpkin turned 1 last year, I had such a fun time planning her party.  Fall is my favorite season.  I was so happy I found some great ideas on pinterest for a pink, orange, and gold pumpkin party.  I am not really into pink, but I love how the pink and orange turned out together.  I was able to pick up most of the decorations at Target, but I did order a printable banner off of etsy.

Her little tutu is from gymboree.  It’s not available anymore, but this one is similar.  Her onesie was my favorite.  I got it from etsy.  I’m big into the yearly birthday shirts and it was perfect!

We served a taco bar for lunch, decorated pumpkins with stickers, and had some cake.  We were originally going to do pumpkin painting outside, but the weather had other plans.  I baked two cakes.  One for her actual birthday (a real food carrot cake from 100 Days of Real Food), and one for the party (a chocolate greek yogurt cake with whipped cream cream cheese frosting).

*The lighting on some of the pics was terrible.  My camera was acting wacky that day!

DSC_0486 DSC_0489

DSC_0669 DSC_0671 DSC_0755 DSC_0567 DSC_0581


Work Outfit Wishlist

I hate everything in my closet right now.  I just sent three bags to thred up.  I am down to 35 hangers in the tiny closet I share with my husband.  The closet looks clean and organized and my weekend uniform of skinnies, everlane t-shirt, and infinite scarf is easily accessible.  (Thank you Mari Kondo!)  I love what I wear on the nights and weekends because I’m comfy and it’s easy.

I have a hard time getting dressed for work.  I’m not a dress up kind of girl most of the time.  Have you heard of people wearing a “work uniform”  It’s a cool idea.  Has anyone tried it?  I don’t even know how I would pick such an outfit.  I’ve tried stitchfix and decided I am way too particular about fit and feel of material for it to work for me.  I literally can’t stand shopping in a store anymore.  I’m old.  Nothing is worse than walking into a dark store blaring loud music or wandering aimlessly not sure what you’re looking for.  I love shopping online, but I’ve had terrible luck lately and end up taking back 100% of the things I buy.  I haven’t found anything I love that I can wear to work and still makes me feel like me.  I’m looking for something that is relatively plain, fits great, and can be dressed up with accessories.

So, I have been searching a lot online.  I found a few pieces that I love.  Problem.  I hate work clothes.   I love black, white, grey, blue, stripes, and polka dots.  Classic outfits with slight 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s twists.  I also typically need a petite.  Any ideas anyone?!?!?  Here’s what I found.

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An Ode to Mason Jars

There is something so simple and beautiful about a glass jar.  Maybe it’s nostalgia for me.  They take me back in time.  I get overwhelmed with the smell of strawberry jam and the memory of my Mom teaching me to make it in the house I grew up in.  I imagine myself on a warm summer afternoon, still clad in my swimsuit and covered in freckles.  My Mom, gently leaning over my shoulder, showing me how to mash the berries.  Then, she moves the mixture to the silver pot with the black handle, and stirs furiously.  Ahhh.  Summer.

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23 Lessons I learned in my 20’s

I recently turned 31.  A week after I turned 31, it was time to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Turning 31 and celebrating Mother’s Day made me think about where I am now compared to my twenties.  So many lessons… Well, 23 to be exact.  (I’m sure there are more.  I wanted to hit 30, but was drawing a blank lol)  Some from my experiences, some from my Mom that have just now sunk in, and some from becoming a mom myself.  (And a lot of Mindy, Tina, and Amy quotes to back up my lessons… because everyone needs a few funny ladies in their life!)

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